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Aug 25, 2013 5:30pm PDT
, screen and tv has died. julie harris played a 12-year-old in "the member of the wedding" and won five tony awards for her acting on broadway. in hollywood, she starred as the romantic lead against heartthrob james dean in "east of eden" and played the free spirit ed lilime clements on the primetime soap "knots landing." julie harris was 87 years old. >>> and an image to pass along tonight of america's newest treasure. in fact, after a careful examination this sunday, the baby giant panda born at washington's national zoo friday. and today, the all important checkup. zoo keepers say they found the cub to be healthy and vibrant, but they won't know if it's a boy or a girl for another two or three weeks. so stay tuned. >>> there is still much more ahead on "world news" this sunday night. would you spend up to $35,000 to attend trump university? some students did. and tonight, the attorney general now taking on trump. >>> and later here tonight, the husband remembering his wife. writing a song about his love of 75 years, it won a contest. they put it to music. and you'll see him as he hea
Aug 25, 2013 6:00pm PDT
awards in broadway history has died. julie harris was honored with six tonys, including roles as sally bowles, and emily big dickinson in "the bell of amherst." in "east of eden," she starred opposite james dean and of course tv viewers may remember her from "knots landing." julie harris was 87 years old. >> later, clint dempsey gets set to make his debut in seattle after leaving soccer stardom in europe behind. a newborn panda at the national zoo gets its first checkup and there's progress on a giant telescope to probe into deep space. those stories when the "cbs evening news" continues. ♪ [ crashing ] [ male announcer ] when your favorite food starts a fight, fight back fast with tums. heartburn relief that neutralizes acid on contact and goes to work in seconds. ♪ tum, tum tum tum tums! heartburn relief that neutralizes acid on contact brei used to love hearing that phrase... but not since i learned i have postmenopausal osteoporosis and a high risk for fracture. i want to keep acting but a broken bone could change that. so my doctor and i chose prolia® to reduce my risk of fra
Aug 26, 2013 4:00am PDT
and wife hilaria gave birth to a baby girl friday. >>> legendary actress julie harris died on saturday at the age of 87. she was broadway's darling, still holding the title as the actress to receive the most tony awards. >>> richie sambora can no longer be called the bon jovi front man. according to "us weekly" and, the guitar man left after 30 years for a, quote, number of well documented issues. wonder what's happening there. >>> during last night's video music awards, joseph gordon levitt premiered the tease for his new film "don jon." he wrote, directed and starred. one of the vma highlights was the 'n sync reunion during justin timberlake's almost 20-minute mini concert. then miley cyrus' duet with thicke. at the end of the vmas, barack obama showed his support for katy perry's finale by trading tweets about obama care. thanks for spreading the word. #roar. >> lady gaga, katy perry. and miley cyrus steals all the headlines for what was just a spectacle. >> a spectacle of what she was wearing and doing twirking on robin thicke whose wife was sitting in the crowd. >> he
Aug 26, 2013 3:00pm PDT
someone had never done before. >> ifill: muriel siebert was 80 years old. julie harris was an accomplished actress of screen and the stage. she had dozens of credits over her career, achieving some of her greatest acclaim for her theater work. she played a wide variety of roles and won six tony awards, including for her one-woman show about emily dickinson, "the belle of amherst." she appeared frequently on television as well, including nighttime dramas like "the big valley" and "knots landing." harris was in a number of films as well, including "east of eden." here's a moment from that movie, as she falls for the tormented younger brother, played by james >> what are girls like that like? i mean, you don't really love them, do you? and why do you good out with them, is it because you're bad? you're not angry, are you? well, why do you, then? >> you think i'm bad? >> i don't know. i just don't know what is good and what's bad. you're so good and i'm not. good enough for ann anyway, sometimes when i'm with adam, he likes to talk about our being in love and think about it, that's all right,
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Aug 25, 2013 1:00pm PDT
run? >>> plus, remembering a broadway legend, julie harris passing away at the age of 87. we will take a look back at her stellar career. >> my heart goes out to the lloyd family. i just met with somewhere around ten of his family members. this is a grim profession. how mu protein does your dog food have? 18 percent? 20? new purina one true instinct has 30. active dogs crave nutrient-dense food. so we made purina one true instinct. learmore at a quarter million tweeters is beare tweeting. and 900 million dollars are changing hands online. that's why hp built a new kind of server. one that's 80% smaller. uses 89% less energy. and costs 77% less. it's called hp moonshot. and it's giving the internet the room it needs to grow. this&is gonna be big. hp moonshot. it's time to build a better enterprise. together. >>> time for a quick check of the headlines for you. a south brunswick, new jersey, man emerging as the third and final winner of this month's massive powerball jackpot. his share leaving him with a cool $62 million. and reclusive writer j.d.salinger who passed away i
Aug 25, 2013 6:00am PDT
that dream includes equality for gays, latinos, the poor and the disabled. broadway legend julie harris has died, honored with six tonys, harris's roles included sally bowls in i am a camera and emily dickerson in vela amherst. >> included east of eden opposite james dean, julie harris was 87. >> now to the forecast. heavy rains may bring flooding in the dessert southwest while a heat wave takes hold across the plains in the week ahead the northeast will enjoy sunshine giving way to thunderstorms midweek with conditions improving toward the holiday weekend. ahead, jennifer lopez. >> in the bedding and in the house -- >> designing woman. but first -- >> how do you feel walking into this place. >> how do you feel walking into this place. >the critics agree, build your own pancakes part 2 is a hit! i put caramel and bacon, says bobby. i like it when syrup goes down the side, says jenna. and michael was left speechless. build your own pancakes are back for a limited run, only at denny's. Ñi >> there are sunseeker destination tons florida coast. >> miami and miami beach, lure millions each year
Aug 25, 2013 3:30pm PDT
treatment, axiron. >>> we mark the passing tonight of the first lady of american theater, julie harris. a career that spanned almost 60 years, she play joan of arc from emily dickinson and on knot's landing. winner of five tony awards and three emmys she decide yesterday. she was 87-year-old. >>> we saw it on the streets of rio during his pill graham imagine to brazil. pope francis is very much a people person. and now he's found a new way to reach out and touch people. >> reporter: pope fan assist has proved he has the personal touch. he kissed every baby he could among these crowds. but for those who can't get that close, try writing him a letter and he may just call you in return. this week, this boy was the latest person to receive a call from the vatican. the 19-year-old student set he was lost for words when he herd a voice saying, this was pope francis. they chatted for eight minutes. still surprising despite all the signs since his election in march that the church has a different kind of pope. riding the bus, paying his hotel bill, and keeping his simple plastic watch. >> he's
Aug 25, 2013 6:00pm EDT
news," a star of stage, screen and television has died. julie harris played a 12-year-old in "the member of the wedding" and won five tony awards. in hollywood, she starred in "east of eden" and she played the free spirit ed on "knots landing." >>> when we come back here on the broadcast tonight, the big group of students suing donald trump tonight. do they have a case? [ male announcer ] this is the age of knowing what you're made of. why let erectile dysfunction get in your way? talk to your doctor about viagra. ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain; it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away, if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. this is the age of taking action. viagra. talk to your doctor. i took my son fishing every year. we had a great spot, not easy to fin
Al Jazeera America
Aug 25, 2013 11:00pm EDT
is what really drove me to al jazeera america. >> slfrn look for broadway. julie harris was 87 years old. her career expand nearly 60 years. she started in "east of eden" and t"the last of mrs. lincoln." there is a church in new orleans that played a special role in the civil rights movement and in launching martin luther king, jr., as a national leader. as robert ray reports, parishioners have been remembering the man and his mention. >> at new zion baptist church, pastor cs gordon preached his message while his congregation prayed and rejoiced it's been 50 years since the march on washington and martin luther king, jr.'s "i have a dream" speech. for many, it has a deep meaning. it was here at this place of christian that the southern christian leadership congress was chartered, 1957 and martin luther king was 28 years old. the civil rights movement was gaining strength. hit was about to be made. >> most of the books you read on the civil rights movement and on the life of dr. king somehow that point is overlooked. it may not even be known by many people. >> the organizers decided on ne
Aug 25, 2013 3:00am PDT
york times" julie harris passed away this weekend. she will be remembered as one of broadway's most successful performers h. the cause of her death is not known >>> turning down to a mystery in california. officials there are searching for 29-year-old matthew green. >> he would have started classes tomorrow but he hasn't been heard from since mid july after exchanging text messages with a friend. his friends started a find matthew green facebook page. they've found a pair of glasses that could belong to the hiker but they're not sure. take a look. >> i want to be hopeful but yet at this point it's so hard to be hopeful. >> it's hard because her brother matthew green is missing. the avid hiker and math teacher from pennsylvania who loved being outdoors van nished more than a month ago while hiking. his family says he went there to camp, hike and climb. he had been staying at the shady rest campground nearby while his car was being repaired. his family says he was suppose to pick up his car and meet some friends. he never picked up his car and his friends say he never showed up. >> th
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Aug 1, 2013 4:00pm PDT
in their kitchen that they touch. safer to throw out the ground beef in question. that includes july 18 shipments of the brand's national beef, nature source, and naturewell. all the recalled products carry the establishment number 208 a which you will find imprinted in the part of the usda inspection. >> >> harris: can you cook all you want. but if you touched it and touched something else have you got a problem. jonathan seare, thank you very much. it became a symbol of a murder case that divided a nation. now, there is word trayvon martin's hoody could end up in one of america's largest museums. and, asleep at the switch. security cameras catch train drivers snoozing. and reading. while they are supposed to be driving the train. [ ship horn blows ] no, no, no! stop! humans. one day we're coming up with the theory of relativity, the next... not so much. but that's okay -- you're covered with great ideas like optional better car replacement from liberty mutual insurance. total your car and we give you the money to buy one a model year newer. learn about it at liberty mutual in
Aug 1, 2013 12:35am PDT
, today is july 31st, which means it's harry potter's 33rd birthday. [ cheers ] you should have someone wish him a happy birthday." oh, that's a great idea. well, we actually have one of harry's best friends here today. so here to sing happy birthday to harry potter, please welcome drunk ron weasley. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ for he's a jolly good birthday for he's a jolly good birthday ♪ ♪ for he's a jolly good birth >> all: chug, chug, chug, chug! chug, chug, chug, chug, chug. >> all right. all right. you wanted it. >> jimmy: we wanted it. oh, my goodness. [ cheers and applause ] hermione's left me. she went off with [ bleep ] neville longbottom. >> jimmy: all right, all right. oh, my god. >> i hate that prick! curtain open-us. [ cheers and applause ] on to strip club-icus. [ laughter ] ♪ >> jimmy: i hope he's all right. >> steve: what is going on?! >> jimmy: i hope he's okay. i hope he's okay, i don't know. "off to strip club-icus" is what he said on the way out. >> steve: with the great benito. >> jimmy: this next one from bart schilling. "hey, jimmy, i've always wanted to h
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Aug 11, 2013 4:00pm PDT
get word on overall retail sales for july and consumer spending and consumer sentiment. harris, back to you. >> brenda, thank you. >>> the controversy surrounding admitted nsa leaker edward snowden not just raising questions about our government's massive and secrettive surveillance programs. it's also beginning to wear on our relationship with one of the most important countries in the world. >>> plus, president obama's signature legislation, obama care, now roughly 50 days away from a major milestone. more of it rolls out. what this will mean for all of us and the future of how we get our health care in america. ♪ ♪ there's a new way to fight litter box odor. introducing tidy cats with glade tough odor solutions. two trusted names, one amazing product. you will lose 3 sets of keys 4 cell phones 7 socks and 6 weeks of sleep but one thing you don't want to lose is any more teeth. if you wear a partial, you are almost twice as likely to lose your supporting teeth. new poligrip and polident for partials 'seal and protect' helps minimize stress, which may damage supporting teeth, by
Aug 18, 2013 6:30pm PDT
of the 1974 bill moyer's interview of harry bridges and lots of other great things. so, again, monday september 2nd from 11 to 5. labor fest runs from july 5th to labor day, which signifies bloody thursday and from the 1934 strike and it's been running since 1994. there are labor fests in many places in the world which include in japan in tokyo, [speaker not understood], in turkey at istanbul and [speaker not understood], the first one just happened in cape town, south africa, as well as ben sayerx and bolivia. so we're proud to be participating in this ~. i'm grateful to ilbe for including us in their celebration and recognition of their 150th anniversary. so, hope to see many of you there on monday, labor day. another event is also happening labor day weekend or actually a couple days right after labor day. well, this one is september 3rd through sixth at south beach harbor. it is a -- an event put on by the bay area association of disabled sailors in combination with the south beach yacht club hosting the 2013 north american combined access class championships. and effective less w
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Aug 2, 2013 4:00pm PDT
, it's a tough row to hoe. >> that's right, harris. economists have been worried about the quality of some of these new jobs. in recent months a growing share of them are in lower paying industries. in july, retailers added about 47,000 new vjobs. business and professional services added 36,000, leisure and hospitality, lots of restaurants, added 23,000 positions, and financial services grew by 15,000 jobs. now, the president's top economist said that the report showed continued progress in job operation but not enough progression, and he called on republicans to support the president's jobs proposals or at least do no harm. >> there are a number of steps that congress could take, but most importantly they shouldn't take steps backwards. they shouldn't shoot ourselves in the foot by having a shutdown over the budget or, worse yet, the unthinkable, another fight over the debt limit. >> but house speaker john boehner said in a statement, quote, nearly five years of aggressive intervention by washington, the stimulus era of excessive spending, excessive red tape and aabuse by agencies
Search Results 0 to 29 of about 30 (some duplicates have been removed)